About Me

About Me
I am a writer, editor and translator living in West Yorkshire. I have a degree and masters in Literature and Philosophy from London Universities. I obtained a PGCE in English and History and taught for two years in a secondary school in England. My writing credits can be viewed here. I have had two poetry books published and am a co-translator of Alain-Fournier:Poems (Carcanet, 2016). I work as an editor and associate publisher at The High Window Press.



The Mask

The Mask' is a book of imitations, impersonations and inhabitations exploring the notion of identity and persona. The poet wears the mask in order to explore the voices of a range of poets and historical characters including: Thomas Hardy, Alice Oswald, Glenn Ford, Jack The Ripper, William of Ockham.

Peter Riley in The Fortnightly Review wrote of 'The Mask'...
 'The book confirms the virtuosic, lively manner: serious/comical, explicit/enigmatic, direct/ironical, streetwise/scholarly, sometimes all of these at the same time and above all, unpredictable.' 

A longer review of the book can be read here

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