About Me

About Me
I am a writer, editor and translator living in West Yorkshire. I have a degree and masters in Literature and Philosophy from London Universities. I obtained a PGCE in English and History and taught for two years in a secondary school in England. My writing credits can be viewed here. I have had two poetry books published and am a co-translator of Alain-Fournier:Poems (Carcanet, 2016). I work as an editor and associate publisher at The High Window Press.



The High Window

Dear Readers

Welcome to The High Window, a new quarterly literary journal which we hope will entertain, inform and delight. As you can see from our subject headings our project is ambitious. We want to present the best in poetry, reviews, translations and essays. We have a special American Feature Poet section because we want to introduce contemporary U.S. poets to a British and Irish audience and at the same time encourage American poets to read contemporary poets from Britain and Ireland. Of course, we are open to submissions from anywhere in the world. Our manifesto is to view each submitted poem on its merits. We have an eclectic outlook and will treat each poem with the respect it deserves. Unfortunately, we can not send individual replies to all unsuccessful submissions. There will be an earnest standard letter sent out, but the most likely reason for work not taken will be one of space, with (broadly) only 25 poets' work featuring in each issue. Issue 1 has poems that take us from the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to Barcelona, poems about Akhmatova and Aphrodite, translations of work from major poets like Umberto Saba and Salvatore Quasimodo, poems from Ireland, England, Australia, America. A big thank you to the poets and reviewers and translators who have made issue 1 possible. We receive no funding and, as such, this venture is a crazy adventure and for the love of poetry. Equally ambitious is our aim to publish four books a year, one for each issue of the quarterly. If you click on the 'Press' section, you will see the four prospective titles in line for publication this year. If you like what you see in The High Window, it would help us if you could purchase a book that appeals to you. The time we have spent, and will spend on each issue, is considerable, and voluntary, and the costs incurred are solely the editors. Profits on the books for poets and publisher will be very modest, but sales will help the poets and this venture survive and flourish. see


Enjoy reading through The High Window.

* The first issue of The High Window is published on March 1st, 2016



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