About Me

About Me
I am a writer, editor and translator living in West Yorkshire. I have a degree and masters in Literature and Philosophy from London Universities. I obtained a PGCE in English and History and taught for two years in a secondary school in England. My writing credits can be viewed here. I have had two poetry books published and am a co-translator of Alain-Fournier:Poems (Carcanet, 2016). I work as an editor and associate publisher at The High Window Press.




I look at Leonardo,
notice his depth of field, unsung arches
onto a world of cypress and rock.

'The Last Supper'--- three windows
behind Christ a tryptich, nature
divided by (a rule of?) three,

Peaks and drops,
the inaccessible land of
'Virgin of the Rocks'.

Landscape in da Vinci
is our road, out of picture
among the needles and sage,

animals of bush and desert,
pachyderm and fur
          at the water-hole.