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About Me

Gardener, Writer

A former English teacher and bookseller, I now work as a self-employed gardener (National Certificate in Horticulture) and write poetry, plays and essays. My writing credits can be viewed here. I have had two poetry books and two poetry pamphlets published by various publishers. I was a co-translator of Alain-Fournier:Poems (Carcanet). I commissioned and edited Four American Poets (The High Window Press) and was a co-editor at The High Window (2016-2018). My essays can be read at the Fortnightly Review. I enjoy cycling, fell-running, sea swimming, dog-walking, jazz, travel, reading, horticulture and garden design.



'The Use of Colours as Adjectives in 'The Great Gatsby' 
 - The Great Gatsby: an anthology of writings to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the book's publication, (Silver Birch Press, 2015)

'Artists and their Physicians'
- The Fortnightly Review, January, 2018

The Eyes of Coleridge,
- Fortnightly Review, 2018

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  1. I couldn't access the article on 'Gatsby.' Fitzgerald wanted to call it, 'Amongst The Ash Heaps Of The Millionaires.'
    Harold Bloom, after John Updike's death said Updike was, 'a minor novelist who had great style.' Fizgerald was like that.

    It's difficult to separate Scott from his drinking, the Jazz Age or Zelda. Like Anais Nin, F. Scots characters read like fictional creations rather than real characters. He was caught within an era and couldn't escape. It's hard to distinguish F. Scots tragedy from Zelda's tragedy.